Highlights of Spring Fling

  • Wide selection of workshops and classes for both published and unpublished writers covering craft, business/career, and marketing/promotion
  • Pitch appointments with agents and editors
  • Silent auction
  • Book signing (open to public)
  • Gala dinner and dance

"Spring Fling was one of the best writer conferences I've attended. It was just the right size to support an array of excellent workshops, outstanding keynote speakers, and a wonderful gala night, yet small enough to have close interaction with other writers and not feel overwhelmed."

—Judy Glover, writer, workshop presenter

"Wonderful sense of community, friendship, and encouragement, even for writers not writing romance."

—Lorrisa Julianus, playwright

"It was a great glimpse into the world of romance for a newbie. I developed a deeper appreciation for the necessity of romance, and the hope it brings in a world that can feel less than hopeful."

—Ramona Master, audiobook narrator

"My first Spring Fling was in 2008 as a newbie writer and I’ve been to every once since. What I love most about this conference is that it’s big enough to have a wide variety of workshops and to network with many people, but small enough that I’m never overwhelmed. I love having the chance to meet up with people I often only 'see' online.

—Shannyn Schroeder, author, "Lucky 13," and the For Your Love, Hot and Nerdy, and O'Leary series

"My favorite conference every year, and the one I recommend without hesitation to other authors!"

—Amy Jo Cousins, author

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