Classes and Workshops – 2022

Whether you're a beginner, halfway through your manuscript, or a multi-published author, Spring Fling offers classes and workshops for you. Workshops and presenters are subject to change. We will be adding more workshops as Spring Fling 2022 draws nearer.

Download a print-it-yourself trifold brochure with the workshop schedule

Pre-Conference Masterclass (additional fee required)

Sonali Dev presents a half-day workshop:

Unforgettable: threading together character, conflict, and culture to create stories they’ll remember forever

Conference Masterclasses (included in conference fee)

Jade Lee/Kathy Lyons: The War of Art -- Are you an Artist? What does that mean? A master’s class that examines the struggle to write and how that defines your writing, your career, and yourself. Including nuts and bolts techniques to take advantage of the struggle.

Jen Prokop: Ted Lasso as Romance – We’ll discuss the show, what tropes work and why, and break it down as a romance

Elizabeth Essex: Royal Navy Primer -- A two-hour masterclass designed to familiarize the writer with the organization, men and ships of the Nelson-Era British Royal Navy. From the bowsprit to the taffrail, and from Admirals to Topmen, a ROYAL NAVY Primer will cover the basics of manpower, ship power and tactics, as well as the sources, vocabulary and research needed to make an author comfortable writing any shipboard romance.

C. Morgan Kennedy: World Building on the Run - Reuse your world building and research to generate content and giveaways to better promote your books

One-Hour Conference Workshops

Headliner Panel with Vanessa Riley and Kit Rocha

Editor/Agent Panel with Sara Megibow, Claire Harris, Christa Desir, and Cat Clyne (more TBA)

Pivot! Pivot! – Maggie Wells (and a panel of authors, along with agent Sara Megibow): Discussion of pivot points an author can encounter

Writing Trans and NB Characters – Rien Gray: Aid in avoiding pitfalls of writing trans and nonbinary characters

She’s a Knockout: Researching Women’s Boxing – Edie Cay: Using newspapers, illustrations and archives to piece together a story

Making a Plan and Sticking with It – Jaycee Jarvis: Learn how to set manageable goals and stay on track for success

Focus on Story Issue – Jen Graybeal: Why we get great ideas in the shower and various methods to combat writers block

The #ABCs of Online Pitch Events – Miranda Darrow: A behind-the-scenes look at online pitch events from a #RevPit editor

Panels and Parties with Pizazz: Planning Successful In-Person and Virtual Events – Danielle Jackson, Melonie Johnson, and Angelina M. Lopez: Tips and Tricks for creating a meaningful and FUN event for authors and readers

Perfect Pairings: How to build characters who capture the hearts of your readers, your editors, and each other – Allie Pleiter: Multi-published best-selling author Allie Pleiter shares how to build characters that engage and enthrall your readers.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Finding Historical Tidbits – Janice Laird: Discover new sources and gather tips to establish deep POV and story structure

Fastdrafting 101: From concept to First Draft in Four Days – Jillian David: Write the first draft of your book in 4 days!

Building a Meet Cute from the Inside Out – Melonie Johnson: Create memorable meet cute scenes by exploring how this essential moment works on a visceral level

The Power of Animation in Book Marketing – Kathleen Sweeney (BookBrush): use the Animation Tools in Book Brush to add motion create eye catching images, animated email signatures

Instagram for Authors: The Update – Stephanie Scott: This version of the IG for Authors workshop spends more time on the marketing uses and less on basic concepts

Next Level Sex – Kate Hawthorne: Learn to write innovative, engaging sex scenes for character development and plot progress

Websites that Wow Readers: How to Love your Online Home – Pauline Wiles: Learn easy tips, insider tricks so you spend less time battling tech and more time writing

Avengers Assemble! What the MCU Can Teach About a Series – Corrina Lawson: A journey through the character arcs of the massive MCU to learn how to apply its' lessons to our own series writing.

Evaluating What to Write Next – Sara Megibow and Angelina M. Lopez: 

Sara and Angelina started working together as Agent and Author in 2018. In 2020, Angelina’s debut book, LUSH MONEY, released from Carina Press/ Harlequin HarperCollins. Fabulous reviews! Huge distribution through Walmart! Foreign rights deals! A wildly successful trilogy! And….what’s next? Listen in as we discuss how an agent and author evaluates what to write next in a way that excites the author’s muse, advances their brand and makes the most money possible.

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