Submit a Workshop Proposal

Do you have a great idea for a Spring Fling workshop? Please let us know! We’re seeking workshops in various categories. The examples offered below will help you determine which category your workshop belongs in. You may present the workshop yourself, or with others in a panel or roundtable format.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment for speaking or travel expenses, but workshop presenters receive a generous discount on conference registration.

  • Craft (e.g., determining point of view, world building, creating characters, using conflict to hook readers, outlining your manuscript, writing¬† series)
  • Writer’s Life (e.g., staying healthy, finding a proper work/life balance, keeping your motivation up)
  • Research. (e.g., interviewing experts, digging up harder-to-find facts, learning more about your characters’ professions)
  • Business (e.g., marketing and promotion, using social media, taxes, contracts)
  • Publishing (e.g., self-publishing, hybrid vs. traditional publishing, how to write a compelling query, hiring editors or cover designers)

Submit your workshop proposal here

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