Master Classes

Master classes are in-depth sessions designed to thoroughly explore topics relevant to the craft of romance writing. Please note: Classes and presenters are subject to change.

The Business of Writing, Editing and Publishing: A Master Class in 9 Parts

Instructor: Angela James

Join veteran editor Angela James for a master class intended to be an opportunity for writers at all levels to get insight into what publishing looks like from an experienced editor and former publisher’s viewpoint. During this master class, we’ll discuss how to think differently about your career, talk about what the different paths to publishing look like for different authors—with insights into considerations from a publisher’s point of view—dive in-depth into the author/editor relationship and how to manage expectations on both sides of the manuscript, think about what a publishing pivot may look like for authors at different stages of their careers and how to go about making one, as well as go through a craft and self-editing mini-session based on Angela’s popular online workshop, “Before You Hit Send.”

Throughout the day, there will be opportunity for conversation and questions, with a breadth of takeaways and action items for attendees to think about.

Part 1: Introduction and overview of day

Part 2: Indie, traditional or hybrid: which path is right for you?

Part 3: How to find and hire the right editor for you

Part 4: The author/editor relationship—Managing expectations during the editorial relationship

Part 5: Self-editing: A mini “Before You Hit Send” course

Part 6: Making a publishing pivot

Part 7: Let’s talk marketing

Part 8: Ten missteps you might be making in your publishing career

Part 9: Wrap-up & final questions

NOTE: Angela’s master class will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, April 30, and has an additional fee of $50.

The Inner World

Instructor: Kathy Lyons / Jade Lee

Every person has an inner landscape that shapes his/her actions. Join USA Today Bestselling author Kathy Lyons / Jade Lee as she walks you through the creation of inner motivations, childhood traumas, and behavior patterns. It will illuminate your characters and shine a light on your own drives whether they’re self-destructive or rocket fuel. Careers aren’t created by books, they’re crafted from your inner heart. Find out if your subconscious is helping or destroying your process.

Write Better White People

Instructor: Jen Prokop

This workshop is for romance authors who want to learn how inclusion in romance strengthens the genre and how learning to be an ally to authors of color will in turn help them to not write problematic characters or be reductive in their rendering of PoC characters.

Jen will talk a little about this work and why it’s so important, and introduce some key ideas/facts/statistics about the state of publishing to lay some groundwork. She’ll raise the question that often comes up, “Wouldn’t it be better for white people to ‘write diversity,’ and explain why that’s actually troubling for lots of reasons: the goal isn’t for white people to write diversely, it’s to provide a space for #OwnVoices authors to tell their own stories.

So what can white writers do to help make the world a better, more just place: write better white people. She’ll end by talking about the urgency of white people learning from each other rather than always asking people of color to do the burden of “teaching us.”

Write Fast Write Now

Instructor: Vanessa Riley

Some authors can whiz through their manuscripts, completing tomes of 60 to 80K in a matter of weeks.

Others can do 90K+ in a matter of months, while others stay stuck on page one, or buried in middle chapters, or waded down in the morass of a draft that one’s agonized soul believes should have been completed by now.

Stop the Guilt.

Authors should work guilt free. With the proper tools and techniques, anyone can master any draft. The Write Fast, Write Now approach teaches writers how to discover their natural writing pace, the tools to increase success, and the fast synopsis method, which will guide their plots to completion.

This class will include:

  1. Exercises to Determine Your Writing Speed
  2. Concepts of the Fast Draft, the Fast Outline, and the Fast Synopsis</li.
  3. Building Your Writing Environment
  4. Writing Regimens and Schedules
  5. The Philosophy of Owning Your Speed and Process
  6. Going from Draft to Done

Getting the Most Out of Scrivener

Instructor: Virginia Van Vynckt

Many writers swear by Scrivener—with good reason. The digital equivalent of a word processor plus well-organized filing cabinet, the popular software can help you organize your manuscript, ideas, research, and notes. It even tracks your writing progress, and can sync your work across multiple devices. Its complexity does require a fair amount of learning. Join “creative geek” Virginia Van Vynckt as she guides you on an in-depth tour of Scrivener. Whether you’re an absolute beginner to the software or you’ve been using it as a glorified word processor and would like to take better advantage of its many features, this class is for you. All Spring Fling attendees will receive discounts on Scrivener software and on a Scrivener video course on Udemy.