No matter where you are in your writing career—from newbie to established author—our conference has a workshop for you!  We have a fabulous lineup of speakers, agents and editors, with programs addressing all aspects of the writing life:  Career, Craft, Publishing, and the Writer’s Life.



Author Cross-Promotions and Book Launches

Merry Farmer, Kirsten Osbourne, Pamela KelleyCindy Caldwell


How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon

Penny Sansevieri


Keeping It Real – Life of a New Author

Shannyn Schroeder, Sonali Dev, Ruth Kaufman, Clara Kensie, Robyn BacharAnn Marie Walker


Gone Fishing: How to Catch an Agent

Tracey Lyons


Risky Business: Driving Your Career Off The Beaten Path

Jenny Trout


Leveraging the ‘SOCIAL’ and the ‘MEDIA’ in Social Media to Sell Books

Joanna Shupe, Sonali Dev


I’ll Take Care of That For You: What An Author Assistant Can Do For You

Maria Connor




Plotting Through Characterization

Briana MacPerry


Seven Steps to Sensual Tension

Christi Barth, Laura Kaye, Brighton Walsh


Tropes with a Twist

Delancey StewartHeidi Joy Tretheway


Series Survival Guide: How to Make Readers Think You Knew It All Along, Even When You Didn’t

Erica O’Rourke, Lori Lee, Stacey Kade


Master’s Class in Characterization

Jade Lee


The Art And Science Of Writing Deep POV

Jeanette Grey


What Came First: The Romance or The Suspense?

Jen Talty


It’s All in the Details

Maureen McGowan


Writing Sex and Writing It Well

Molly O’Keefe


Redeeming the Antagonist

Nancy Brophy


What to Expect When You’re Revising

Sarah M. Anderson


Prewriting for Pantsers (It’s All About Character)

Shannyn Schroeder




Beyond Bikes and Tattoos: Ten Can’t Miss Romance Reading Trends

Amy Alessio, Susan Gibberman, Lynne Wall


New Adult: Is it just YA with more sex?

Annmarie Ortega, Kimberly Sullivan


Game of Tomes: Navigating the YA Publishing Kingdom

Stephanie Scott, Erica O’Rourke, Clara Kensie, J. Leigh Bailey


Basic Beginner Overview to Self-Publishing for Newbies

Megan Kelly


Diversity and Feminism in the Romance Genre

Sonali Dev, Prof. Eric Selinger, Bobbi Dumas


Writer’s Life


Zero to 10…Thousand: Increasing Your Daily Words While Respecting Your Process

Kelly Maher


Critique Groups: A Push in the WRITE Direction

Molly O’Keefe, Maureen McGowan, Ripley Vaughan


Write Smarter, Write Faster

Cindy Kirk