Author Headshots

Spring Fling 2016 is delighted to offer conference attendees a chance to have professional author photos taken.

Sure that selfie of you is adorbs, but it’s probably not the best pic to put on your business cards. If getting an author headshot has been on your to-do list for ages, let #CNSF16 help you finally cross that bad boy off the list.

“But professional headshots are expensive!”

You’re right, they usually are… lucky for you #CNSF16 has arranged for a special deal. For only $25 (pre-registration) or $30 (walk-up) you will receive a digital file containing 3-5 professionally edited poses for you to print where, when, and how you wish, and to use on whatever media you like (website, blog, social media, etc.) At long last you can replace that profile pic of your cat in a hand-knit scarf (darling though it certainly is) with a smart, sophisticated thumbnail of you!

C-N Member Shannyn Schroeder. Photo Credit: Nicole Moriscor Photography

Chicago-North Member Shannyn Schroeder.
Photo Credit: Nicole Morisco Photography

 “My conference schedule is packed; there’s no way I can fit time in for a photoshoot!”

We understand, there are so many amazing things happening at #CNSF16 and yes, you will be very busy! That’s why we’ve kept the appointment slots limited to 10 minutes. Plenty of time to try out all those serious author faces and sexy (but not too sexy) smiles and score some great shots. Arrive at your scheduled appointment on time, and our photographer will do the rest!
_MG_7394-95 Photo Credit: Nicole Morisco Photography

“OK, this sounds awesome! How do I sign up?”

Glad you asked! For questions, or to schedule your appointment (remember pre-registrants save $5) e-mail Nicole Morisco at:

nicole photo logo

Please Note: You MUST be a registered attendee of Spring Fling 2016 to schedule an appointment.

Please Also Note:  As cool as it would be, #CNSF16 won’t be able to provide the Chicago Skyline as the backdrop of your author photo.