Fire & Ice

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Fire & Ice Contest

Does your novel light a FIRE in the heart of the reader?

Is it hot enough to melt ICE?

Does your book have what it takes to be the next bestselling romance?

Then you don’t want to miss our annual Fire & Ice Contest, sponsored by the Chicago-North RWA® Chapter!

The Fire & Ice Contest is open to all authors not published or contracted in novel-length fiction of 20,000 words or more in the category entered, within five years of the contest deadline. The entry must have a projected minimum length of 50,000 words.

About the Fire & Ice Contest

The contest has a non-refundable entry fee of $25 ($30 for non-RWA members).  Electronic entries only are accepted.

The contest is limited to the first 120 entries. The contest closes at 5:00 p.m. (Central time) on the day of the deadline, or earlier if the maximum number of entries is reached. (See the contest rules for details.)

First place winners in each category receive $30 (US dollars).

All contestants receive a score sheet. In addition, judges are encouraged (but not required) to write comments on the manuscript.

New this year! Include an optional QUERY LETTER as the first page of your entry. Never fear, the query letter will not be included in your final score, but by submitting one, you’ll get the chance to find out if preliminary judges would request to read more. All finalists will have the option of including their query in the final round to be read by our final agent and editor judges.


For questions and/or additional information, please check out the contest FAQ or email the contest coordinator at: