Spring Fling Stories

Buzzing around social media lately we’ve noticed something rather spectacular about this little writing world we all live in: Our stories. Not the ones we write, though those are amazing, but our stories.

We’ve heard the raves about Kristan Higgins’ amazing, heartfelt and hilarious speech at RWA Nationals, and how many of you she inspired. We’ve watched you gathering on Twitter to cheer each other’s daily word counts or pages edited or blog posts written, and getting it all done despite hectic days and day jobs. We’ve seen you all “SQUEEE!” for joy when a fellow writer gets an agent or signs a book deal or rockets up the Amazon rankings. Everywhere we look, you’re sharing your stories.

We’d like to think Spring Fling fits in there somewhere, in all the stories. In fact, we know it does. And so we’re going to use this blog to share these stories with you. Writers have met their agents at Spring Fling, writers have successfully pitched books to editors at Spring Fling and those books are (and soon will be!) on the shelves, they’ve met critique partners, they’ve found the motivation to just finish the damn book, they’ve found editing solutions that stuck, they’ve made connections and friendships that last.

Stay tuned over the next few months as we share all these wonderful, inspiring stories for you HERE!